Since I was a little girl, for some reason, my mind was always in Canada. I dreamt about living here someday, but I didn’t have the possibility of thinking seriously about traveling or emigrating.

I got married at a very young age and became a mother of two boys. I had to work very hard to provide for them, there was no time to look back to my personal dreams. It was time to give them up and face reality like everybody else, being happy even with struggles and limitations.

Then as an adult, and looking for a better life, I decided to dream again. I decided to make my dream of emigrating to Canada, the country that I knew was waiting for me, a reality. I started to research, and I found a way to obtain a work permit to come and work in Calgary, Alberta, as a housekeeper in a hotel. Although I was a tour guide and had never done that kind of work before I was excited and happy to finally be able to come.

It was a very hard start, but I was promised that I could bring my children once I became a permanent resident. That was  the reason why I never brought them with me in the first place. It was a painful and endless uncertainty. Living apart from my kids was something that I did not expect to do for that long. I was promised that two months after arriving in Canada my whole family would follow.

Out of all this despair and sadness for not understanding what to do  and where to obtain the right information, I asked everyone I knew how I could bring my sons. Nobody told me that they could have come with me  from day one, that they could have studied here while I was on a work permit. It took me almost four years to finally bring them here to live the life I wanted for them, to be reunited and not to be apart any more.

Then I understood the importance of giving/receiving right and accurate information. This is very important for every single person or family when they decide to emigrate and leave what they know in search of something better. Without that, it becomes a nightmare and it can destroy dreams as it almost did to me and my family.

Now I finally have the life I dreamed, but not without paying the price of misinformation. That is the main reason why I decided to dedicate my life to helping others achieve their dreams when possible, always providing the most accurate guidance possible.

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